Welcome to Steinbach am Glan,

The village of Steinbach am Glan was formed in 1969 from the merger of the once independent communities Steinbach and Frutzweiler during the course of an administrative reform. The suffix “am Glan” is misleading that the municipality is indeed in the catchment area of Glans, but 6 km away, in a small side valley. However, although the two communities had much in common, they went their separate ways until this date. Both villages can look back on a more than 650 years past. So the first written mention date is from the year 1355. There are many traces of an earlier settlement by several burial mounds on a ridge between Steinbach am Glan and Börsborn and two partially preserved portal lions from Roman times, which are located in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer. The symbol of the village is the bell tower built in 1788, a foundation of the then ruling Count von der Leyen, by Countess Marianne von der Leyen. Several special circumstances testify to the uniqueness of our community. Particularly noteworthy here is the the last coal mine of Rhineland-Palatinate which produced more than 200 years of fuming hard coal mining. This coal mine closed in 1959. A Steinbacher inhabitant, Isidor Triefus brought in the year 1888 the diamond grinder handicraft into the Westpfalz and laid thus the cornerstone for an economic upswing of our region in the first half of the 20th century. It should also be mentioned, that the last horse drawn stage carriage in the Pfalz until July 31, 1934 was loated between Glan-Münchweiler and Steinbach. An almost 300-year-old Jewish history is omnipresent throughout the local community. In 1725 one of the earliest synagogues of a rural community was built here. Steinbach was the center of Jewish life in the southern circle of today’s district of Kusel, which is particularly evident in the fact that in 1848 217 inhabitants, more than 1/3, were of Jewish faith. This history can be found on display at the small Jewish Museum. The community has developed in recent years to an attractive residential community. On-site there are many shops for your daily needs, as well as several facilities for recreation, such as signposted trails, water treadles, a Naturfreundehaus, and Nature Fitness Park. It is worth mentioning that almost 200 American citizens live in Steinbach am Glan. An active community club organizes several events a year. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!